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The only information found by searching on Google about what type of stores accept business credit cards is information on the Esso Business Credit Card. This card saves some money on gas.

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2013-07-26 02:00:39
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These funds last 5 years have limited use and cannot pay for new obligations

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Q: What type of stores accept business credit cards?
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Why would a business not accept credit cards?

Until the U.S. govt. changes that, nobody HAS to accept credit/debit cards! Just because a business does not accept cards does NOT mean they are "shady" or ...

What are some stores that do not accept credit cards?

well your store does not

Why do stores accept credit cards?

To increase sales volume

What credit cards are accepted at BP stores?

BP gas stations accept their own credit cards as well as Visa, Mastercard and Discover. They do not accept American Express at this time. They also accept bank debit cards.

What credit cards are accepted in Alaska?

Whether credit cards are accepted is actually a matter of whether each business accepts credit cards, regardless of where they are located. For more information on how and why business accept credit cards, see the web resource below:

How many US merchants accept credit cards?

about 87% of business in the US accept credit cards. Most of the 13% that do not are business to business companies that deal in large orders from merchants which are usually paid in the form of a wire transfer. According to Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square, there are 8 million US merchants who accept credit cards

Which stores accept PayPal for payments?

There are nearly an unlimited number of online stores that accept PayPal payments. If they do not, PayPal issues credit cards that are useable in stores.

Which payment processors use credit cards?

Most payment processors will accept credit cards. All online ones like PayPal, Google Checkout or Authorize will accept credit cards. For offline ones you have to look at their terms of business to see if they accept creditcards.

Do Winco stores in indio accept credit cards?

NO, WInCo Foods DOES NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. At this point WinCo Foods does not accept credit cards due to the rates we would have to pay on every credit card transaction. While other stores may simply pass this cost to their customers through higher prices throughout their stores, we simply cannot justify doing that. We are however constantly keeping an eye on the industry.

Can you pay with a credit card in an American Girl Doll store?

The American Girl Doll stores accept credit cards.

Is a credit card reader the only way for businesses to accept credit cards?

Not necessarily. If the business has a card swiper, digitally or a manual version that prints out a carbon copy, then it will accept those cards.

What credit cards does gamestop accept?

All Credit cards

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