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Many different options are available from Leica. The type of Photography that can be done with a Leica digital camera will depend on the model, shutter speed, lens, etc.

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Q: What type of photography can be done with Leica digital cameras?
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Where can one buy photography digital cameras?

Digital camera"s are available everywhere. They can be found online, camera shops, and even garage sales. There are many to choose from and research should be done so you are informed before making a decision.

Are film cameras still recomended for professional photography?

Film cameras are easy to use for enlarging without loosing megapixel detail so some say that they are still better, but with the newest technology and the right programs the same can be done with a digital camera. It depends on your focus; if you want cheaper then go film, if you want less stuff residual after taking pictures go digital.

What is DSLR photography?

Digital single-lens reflex photography (DSLR) is the mid- to high-end portion of digital photography. Cameras are commonly classified as point and shoot, advanced point and shoot (these add super zooms, video modes, alternate white balancing schemes, and more photography modes), and DSLR. DSLR cameras normally have interchangeable lenses, some of which are compatible with older film camera lenses. DSLR cameras usually have even more white balance options, exposure controls, shooting modes, etc. DSLR cameras often have larger image sensors, which can help greatly with low-light shooting and noise reduction. DSLRs usually have a burst mode which allows them to take 3 - 10 images in very rapid succession. Now you've done it! Time for me to go buy one. My advanced point and shoot has great image quality and a fantastic zoom, lots of modes and things. But all of these would be improved with a DSLR.

When were aerial photographs first taken and how were the cameras carried high above the ground to take them?

I believe there was such photography done during the Civil War using balloons. It may have been done earlier too.

Where can I get baby photography done?

With the ease of modern point-and-shoot digital cameras, and the ability to selectively develop only good photos, I would recommend investing in a camera of your own. My girlfriend is an amateur photographer, and just takes a lot of pictures of everything and then selects just a few of the best pictures to keep.

How is digital cinematography done?

The process is used for a variety of reasons in photography classes. The actual process just consists of removing the redundant information of the signal.

Digital Camera Accessories: Improving Photography?

Digital cameras have greatly improved modern photography, allowing the average person to easily capture high quality pictures. But digital cameras don’t operate alone, they require certain accessories. Some digital camera accessories are essential for the camera’s operation, while other accessories are optional additions which can enhance your experience. In today’s consumer market, there are two main types of digital cameras, compact (point and shoot), and SLR (Single Lens Reflex.) Both cameras are compatible with similar accessories. The batteries are one of the most important accessories for digital cameras. Most of today’s digital cameras are powered by either Lithium Ion or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride.) Some cameras use traditional AA batteries, but they are not as common. The major advantage of Lithium Ion and NiMH batteries is the option to recharge them. These are rechargeable batteries, which require a charger. Therefore, a charger is another important accessory in the world of digital photography. Chargers for digital camera batteries are plugged into standard AC electrical outlets, and deliver DC to recharge the batteries. It typically takes a few hours to completely recharge a battery, and an LED light on the charger usually indicates when it’s done. It’s important to remember that not all chargers and batteries are compatible with each other. You may have to buy a specific charger for whatever type of battery you have. Make sure you check the manual that came with the digital camera. Memory cards are some other important accessories for digital cameras. These small and compact cards use flash memory, a recent technology that’s becoming universal in many digital devices. Some examples of memory cards are Compact Flash, Memory Stick, SD, SDHC, micro SD, and XD. The memory capacity for these cards ranges between 2 GB and 32 GB. Such a large memory capacity is enough to store thousands of high quality photos, and even movies if your camera features video recording modes. Memory cards can be easily erased after transferring the photos from your digital camera to a computer. This brings us to the next accessory, USB cables. USB cables allow for an easy connection between digital cameras and computers. In a few minutes, it is possible to transfer thousands of pictures to your PC or laptop. Then you can edit, manipulate, and save the photos. After you are done, you can erase the photos on the memory card to allow space for new pictures.

How does under water photograpy work?

Underwater photography can be done with most regular camers with a underwater plastic body around the camera or with specific water resistant underwater cameras.

What has the author Joseph D Cooper written?

Joseph D. Cooper has written: 'Voigtlander Bessamatic guide' 'Close-up photography and copying' -- subject(s): Photography, Close-up, Photography, Copying 'How to get more done in less time' 'Pentax pocket companion' -- subject(s): Photography, Pentax cameras, Handbooks, manuals 'Nikon F, Nikkormat handbook of photography' -- subject(s): Nikkormat camera, Photography, Nikon camera, Handbooks, manuals 'The new Ultra-miniature photography'

How did technological changes impact the role of documentary photography?

I can't say definitively that technological changes had any impact on the role of documentary photography, but advances have changed the way it's done. Equipment has become smaller and lighter, and with digital technology there is a smaller 'per click' cost than seen with film-based cameras. Digital technology has also allowed everyone to be an observer and easily share what they see with others. Some of the challenges facing documentary and photojournalism are the ethical threats (more easily altering photos, etc.), and the lack of knowledge on the part of those trying to be photojournalists without any training.

Differences between Film Camera and Digital Camera?

The simplest answer is that a film camera uses light-sensative film and a chemical process to create a photograph while a digital camera uses electronic circuitry to create a computer file of an image.

How did they control the balloon in the film The Red Balloon?

Trick Photography, dual synchronized cameras/projectors and overlapping films, If done skillfully, it is quite convincing, Often used in UFO films, as the old saying goes- It"s a trick of the camera!