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personal liberty laws

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Q: What type of laws did northern state legislatures pass in response to the Fugitive Slave Law?
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How did the northern react to the fugitive slave act?

Northern Abolitionists did not react favorably to the Fugitive Slave Act. This is because it supported the cause they were against.

Were the northern democrats for the fugitive slave law?

No, because it was pro-slavery.

How did the northern states resist the fugitive slave act?

The Northern states resisted the Fugitive Slave Act by simply refusing to enforce it. Once slaves reached the North they were not required to be returned back to their masters.

Reaction against the Fugitive Slave Act was strongest among?

Northern Blacks.

What law greatly increased the ease of operation of slave catchers in northern cities?

federal fugitive slave law

Provision of the compromise of 1850 that comforted southern slave-catchers and aroused the wrath of northern abolitionists?

Fugitive slave act

What provision of the compromise of 1850 that comforted southern slave catchers and aroused the wrath of northern abolitionist?

The Fugitive Slave Act

What was the fugitive slave law of 1850?

Northern people had to catch the slaves running north from the south

Describe how northern abolitionists reacted to the fugitive slave act?

by helping the slaves to escape into Canada

Why were many northern upset with the compromise of 1850?

They disliked the adoption of a strict fugitive slave law

The provision of the compromise of 1850 that comforted the southern slave-catchers and aroused the wrath of northern abolitionists?

Fugitive Slave Law of 1850

How was the fugitive slave act started?

== == The Fugitive Slave Law required Northern citizens to help catch escaped slaves. But many Northerners hated the law as much as they hated slavery. They ignored it from the time it was passed by Congress. In this way, the Fugitive Slave Law increased the tension between Northerners and Southerners.

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