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There are many hotel restaurant jobs available to those that are looking for that type of job. The main jobs offered by hotel restaurants are waiter, cook and dish washer.

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2013-07-17 10:01:14
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Q: What type of hotel restaurant jobs are available?
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Where can I find a description of restaurant jobs?

When looking for descriptions of restaurant jobs, it is best to speak to a restaurant manager. They can offer up descriptions of each type of job available.

What type of food does the restaurant at the Westin Arlington Gateway hotel serve?

The type of food that the restaurant at the Westin Arlington Gateway hotel serves is Italian steakhouse. Also, the name of the restaurant is Panzimini.

What is hotel restaurant mgt?

Hotel restaurant management is the study of the management of restaurants in hotels. This is a different type of management than regular restaurants.

What type of business is a hotel restaurant?

They are part of the service industry.

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According to, "The type of employment available will include work related directly to managing and maintaining the forests but also jobs related to the tourist industry. This will include the hotel and catering industry."

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The Wayside Inn is a non profit organization with restaurant and hotel. It is not a very luxury hotel but the prices are intended to be very low and the restaurant seems to be very good.

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a lot

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Where can one find listings for hotel housekeeping jobs in New York City?

If you visit the hotel's websites you will be able to find the openings that those hotels have. You can also visit yahoo jobs or monster and type in the type of job that you are looking for.

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