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email should be written communication

Calls Should be spoken

all the text related communication would be written communication

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Q: What type of communication would you call email or text message?
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What is one and two way communication?

One -way communication involves a message which does not call for or require a response. Two-way communication is when the receiver gives a response to the message and there is a discussion about it. I hope that this can help you.

Which phrase is best for an email message to a friend?

give me a call when you get a chance

What do you call unsolicited email message sent to many recipients at once?


Can your voicemail call you?

Voicemail can't call you but it can send you alerts through SMS or email when a new message arrives.

Trumpet as a means of communication from history to date?

Trumpet has been used as a means of communication from history to date. The sound of the trumpet would be followed by a message from the blower and in most cases, it was a call for people to gather at a particular location.

What is a file that is connected to an email called?

Most email clients (programs that present and handle emails) call the files that are sent along with the message; attachments

How can you let your partner know that your thinking of them when you out-of-town?

phone call email send flowers text message

What is Maryam Khalid's contact info?

All I know of is Maryam Khalid's emails and a way to call her. Email: and If you want to call Maryam please email with your number and message and she will call back when possible!

How do different cultures communicate?

Here is a broad answer to your broad question.The major factor in a culture's communication is whether or not their country is developed. Developed countries in North America, Europe and parts of Asia all use technologically advanced forms of communication in addition to basic face-to-face communication. They can email, call on the phone, instant message, text message, video conference (skype), using the technology they have.The most basic forms of communication include reading, writing and speech. Almost all cultures participate in those forms. Art and dance could also be used as a form of communication.

What are the two general types of communication?

Communication is generally described as a process where a sender, receiver and a medium and a feedback is involved in it. the exchange of a medium or a message is known as communication. Types of communication. Formal Communication Informal Communication Verbal Communication Written Communication

How can you get in touch with Tokio Hotel?

On their Myspace there s a phone number where you can call and leave a message, or you can send them a email through their homepage

When should you use the singular word communication and when should you use the plural word communications?

The singular noun 'communication' is an uncountable noun as a word for the imparting or exchanging of information or news; conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings: a word for a concept.The noun 'communications' is the plural form of the count noun 'communication' as a word for the means of sending or receiving information, such as telephone, television, computers; a message such as a letter, phone call, or email.