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My German Shepherd enjoys pretty much any toy other dogs might like, but they have to be tough ones that she won't swallow. German Shepherds really like "tugging" toys like ropes or tires. They also like mental stimulation, like treat and puzzle balls.

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Q: What toys do German shepherds play with?
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What do german Shepherd play with?

squeeky toys

Are German Shepherds good house pets?

German Shepherds are great pets to have around. They obey and they are good guard dogs. You should get a German Shepherd ! The only bad thing is that they sometimes bite when they play and they shed.

What was price of Gosselin's German shepherds?

There is no information on the actual cost of the Gosselin's German Shepherds. Those dogs were not German Shepherds but a mix so not much.

What is another name for german shepherds?

German shepherds are also called Alsatians.

Can you play with a German Shepherd?

Yes, of course they should be played with, but as with all dogs, ONLY with permission from the owner. Mentally sound dogs love to play and all dogs need daily exercise. German Shepherds are intelligent and athletic dogs who need vigorous mental and physical play to stay healthy. My German Shepherds love to play fetch, hide-and-seek, finding hidden toys, splashing in the pool or in spray from the hose, and they love to do tricks. =Other contributors have said:= * A lot of people believe that German Shepherds are mean dogs, but they are only mean or dangerous if they are abused or trained to be that way. So yes, you can play with a German Shepherd, but its best to make sure that it wasnt abused or trained to be mean. Also just to add a fact, if it is a mother or is scared, its best to stay way from that GSD

What colors are German Shepherds?

German shepherds come mostly in brown and tan colors

Are white German shepherds kc registered?

no. White German shepherds are not recognized by the K.C

Are white German Shepherds deaf?

Of course not! they can hear perfectly well. The only difference between white German shepherds and black and tan German shepherds is their colour!

What do German shepherds like to play?

German Shepherds will play with any type of toy, some of those toys include:Kong (dog toy)Raw hide bonesRope toysSqueaky toysAnd plenty of other toys. If you plan on giving your dog bones (knuckle bones) talk to your vet about whether or not you can give your dog a bone, and why type of bone. If you do give your dog bones monitor how long they chew it as they can dull their teeth.

Where are German shepherds mostly common?

German shepherds are mostly common in Germany since that is their origin.

Do German shepherds show love?

In my experience, German shepherds have varying degrees of being affectionate. To their owners/family they can be very affectionate, caring, and gentle. To strangers or not close acquaintances, they can be standoffish and aloof. It depends greatly on that particular shepherds personality and the socialization they receive as they grow up.

How long did it take for a German shepherds ears to go up?

Not all German Shepherds ears go up.