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tell her that her boyfriend cheated on her. she needs to know.

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Q: What to tell a girl that just got back with a boyfriend that cheated on her?
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How do you get boyfriend back after he cheated on me?

not to be rude but if he cheated on you i would not take him back. find some one else there are plenty of fish in the sea. no man should cheat on there girl. because he cheated on you if you do get him back he's going to do it again and again behind your back and im not trying to be rude just trying to keep you from getting hurt again

What do you do if a girl likes your boyfriend?

just try to get her to back away

How do you gain trust back in boyfriend of 27 years who has cheated?

This is just my opinion, but I dont think I would be able to trust again.

What if my past boyfriends have cheating on you?

Well it depends , if your on about your boyfriend has cheated on you , dump him and neva look back at him ... but if your talking about your ex boyfriend has just cheated on you ignore him very simple posted by maddie payne for any more advice

Your boyfriend cheated on you now he is cheating on her to tell or not to tell?

She'll just think you're trying to get him back. Just let it go. yes i agree, also bad enough he cheated on you but what kind of girl has relations with a guy whos allready taken??Let her find out the hard way, same way you did.It's time for her to learn about Karma.

If you love your ex girlfriend and you broke up a while back because she cheated on you should you ask her out if her boyfriend just broke up with her?

no Sure, if you want to get hurt again. If you can accept that she is going to sleep with other men, there won't be any problem. No !!! You're already headed in the right direction already, don't go back. I totally disagree with getting back with her , i am a girl myself. But if she really loved you she wouldn't have cheated on you!

What would you do if your boyfriend cheated on you?

If your girl friend cheats on you then the guy has to dump her after he finds out who it is. But she cheats on a girl then theres a problem. And if your boyfriend cheats on you or is crushing on another girl just dump him but ask him if he likes another girl first instead of dumping him if you do not know.

Your ex boyfriend is just a friend to you now but you want him back but he likes another girl?

If he's just a friend to you now, then you don't want him back.

Why are some ex boyfriends always willing to take you back?

Some of them are actually sorry and do want you back. If they cheated on you consider it A LOT. My boyfriend cheated on me and he is just ignoring me now. When he cheated on me .?????? But still... Consider it very carefully!! Lovee Youu x

I found out my boyfriend cheated on me 2 years ago and we are still going to be together but how can I comfortably sleep with my boyfriend again after he cheated on me?

You need to take underconsideration that he cheated on you 2 years ago the time between then and now think there is more that you havnt found out about? I don't believe once a cheater alwaya a cheater and I do believe guys can learn from it. But when my ex cheated on me I seriously could not trust him again I just always had in the back of my mind when I was not with him the what ifs and it drove me crazy I felt like I always had to be with him to make sure that I was the only girl in his life! And when I started doing that I stopped living my life and lost who I was! Maybe your stronger then I was but I just couldn't be with a cheater and I learned to never take one back! I just ended up never being happy and being overwhelmed with worry. Hope this helps probably not the answer you were looking for but that's my honest blunt answer! NO girl deserves to be cheated on!All I'm sayin is...You can't

You have cheated on your boyfriend if you tell him he will tell you to leave you are thinking about just leaving it is not fair to him?

He will leave & you deserve it. YOU CHEATED ON HIM. It's not fair to him to be cheated on without knowing & it's unfair for you to leave HIM because YOU cheated. Cheating, if you want to cheat then face the consequences.

Your boyfriend cheated on you and he wants to be friends what do you do?

Do what makes you feel best in the end, just keep in mind that if you are worried about your man having extra relationships behind your back he is not likely to stop doing it,