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Ok first of all... ALL you need to say is will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend.... If they say no, what do you have to lose? If you just want to go on a date with them say will you go on a date with me. It's that simple, but if you are REALLY shy then just have someone ask for you or write it in a note.

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Q: What to say when asking someone out?
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What do you say when you are asking someone out?

u say... will u go out with me?

What things would someone say when asking someone out?

it depends on the person

Is asking out someone important?

It really depends on if you want to get a relationship with someone then it is, but if you don't then its not important. But my advice to you is if you are thinking of asking someone out then do it the worst thing he/she could do is say no

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Why are you asking this. You will find someone dont worry.

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