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Tell him what you like about him, of course: eyes, hair, voice, hugs... we love it when you tell us that, at least I do :)

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You can say something like "I appreciate your sense of humor and kindness, and I enjoy spending time with you."

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Q: What to say when a guy asks why do like him?
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What do you say to a guy you don't like if he asks you if he is hot?


What do you do if a guy asks you out and you don't like him back?

say no

What do you do when a guy asks you who you like and you like him?

Turn the tables & say "Why, are you interested" (or similar).

What if a guy asks you if you like them?

If you do ask them what they think, if you don't say no as NICELY as you can

What does it mean when you dream the guy you like asks you to be your girlfriend?

you just say yes

What do I say to a guy when he asks me how is he cute?

personality, looks, funny and things like that (:

If you like a boy and he knows that he likes you but he doesnt say anything does he like you?

ok ok ok the girl has to ask the guy ok im a guy i know the girl asks the guy about in love the guy asks the girl about marriage though.

What should you say to a guy if he asks if you like him or not?

Just say yes (f you do) and then he will probably want to ask you out or he will "do" you

What do you do when a girl asks a guy out?

if you like them, go for it! if not, don't be afraid say no and run away

How do i let a guy know that if he asks you to prom this year i will say yes and not say no this time?

By showing that you like and care about him.

If a guy asks you out and you say ill let you know later or something like that is that bad?


What should you do if a short guy asks you out?

if you like them and their personality it doesn't matter if they are short or not, but if not, then just say no.