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A webkinz, charm braclet, ECT

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Q: What to give your 12 year old best friend for a birthday gift?
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Should you get your best friend a gift for her birthday if she has a boyfriend?

Yes. There is no reason why only one person should be able to give a gift.

Should you give flowers and a gift for a birthday?

Depends on who's birthday it is... if its a good friend or family definitely give a gift. Giving flowers to a friend is fine to.

What occasions are suitable to give a best friends necklace as a gift?

If one wishes to give a best friend a necklace as a gift this can be done for any occasion. One can choose to provide a gift like this for a birthday, Christmas or just as a spur of the moment surprise gift to express your friendship with the best friend.

Can you give a globe as a birthday gift to a friend?


What is the best gift for a friend's birthday?

For your friend's birthday you should give him or her something that she or he likes and if you don't know just be creative I got my friend a BIG birthday card with lots of pictures of us and her threw the years.

What is the best gift to give your mother on her birthday?


What should you give your best friend for a birthday gift?

a picture frame with you and her inside itsomething that s/he will laugh atsomething to do with what s/he likesgirl- jewelry

What is the best birthday gift you can get your best friend?

Having them be your best friend is gift enough. Friendship is the most beautiful thing in the world, and them being your best friend is even better. If they give you an inanimate object, like a book, movie, or card, that's great. But don't loose sight of what's really important. Your friendship.

Your ex- best friend hates you How do you get your best friend back if you are only 9?

Give them a gift.

How do you give a belated birthday gift with out it looking that way?

It would be difficult to do so. Your best option is to give the gift and apologise for the delay.

What to get best friend for birthday?

It would be easier to answer this if you gave more information about this best friend, like: Is she male/female? How old is he/she? etc. But to give you some inspiration, maybe you can browse the gift sites I'll be linking. Good luck!

What is the best gift to give your girlfriend on her 16 year old birthday?

A car.