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Don't do anything. If he really cares he will ask you to the dance. If not dump him

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Q: What to do if your boyfriend doesn't ask you to a dance?
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When is a good time to ask your boyfriend to a dance?

When there is an upcoming dance

How do you ask your boyfriend to a dance?

Hello, would you like to go to a dance? You dont they ask you, or you could mention the dance in front of him.

How do you ask a girl to a dance when she already has a boyfriend?

Well if you guys are friends (You and the girl.) ask her if you could dance as friends and make sure to make that clear to her boyfriend. Just ask her. It's only a dance. Just keep away from the slow stuff.

Who doesn't ask Bella to the dance in 'twilight'?

Mike , tyler and Eric all ask her. Edward doesnt he just takes her Jacob doesnt ask either.

Why doesn't Darcy ask Elizabeth to dance?

Darcy doesnt ask elizabeth to dance because he thinks that she is too rude and outgoing for a woman

What is the song Dance in the dark about?

Its about a women who has sex in the dark because she doesnt want her boyfriend to see her naked

What should a girl wear if she looks good in things but doesnt like it on her herself but wants to wear it but doesnt?

Ask your boyfriend.

What do i say if my boyfriend tells me he doesnt know why he loves me?

ask him to list reasons why he is with you and cares for you

How do you know that your boyfriend doesnt care about you?

Well, if you had to ask this question then he probably doesn't care about you...

What if your new boyfriend doesn't have time to spend with you?

if you boyfriend wont spend timw with you ask him bluntly to if he says no ask him why he doesnt what to , he he loves you he should spend time with you anywayz.xx

What if your boyfriend doesn't know what to say to you?

if your boyfriend doesnt know what to say to you you need to ask him his perspective on thngs what he think about your relationship and it an go from there

What do you do if you want to ask a girl to middle school dance but you don't want her as your girlfriend?

Just ask her "Do you want to go to the dance with me?". That doesn't imply you want to be her boyfriend at all.

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