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Then i would dump him before he cheats on you with another girl. He obviously is a cheating guy so who's to say he won't cheat on you.

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Q: What to do if a guy cheats on their girlfriend with you?
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What does it mean if a guy cheats on his girlfriend constantly?

It means he is not the right one for her.

If a guy cheats on his girlfriend with you will he call?

Only when he wants to cheat again!

Does a guy want to be with you if you are friends with benefits but he has a girlfriend but some days he makes it seem like he wants to be with you?

Ouch, you are being taken advantage of! Get out of this relationship, he will not leave his girlfriend and you will always play second fiddle. Plus, do you really want a guy who cheats? If he cheats on his girlfriend with you, you can be sure he will cheat on you if you become the new girlfriend. This relationship is not going to last, if you are just having fun with a good looking guy, think of the girlfriend who has no idea and how it would hurt if she found out. What if you were her? GET OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!HE IS USING YOU!!!!!DONT MESS WITH A GUY WHOHAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!

Why a girlfriend cheats?

My opinion is that a girl cheat's because the guy probably is not giving her what she wants. --Because she got caught.-

Should you trust your boyfriend?

Nope. Every guy cheats on his girlfriend. Even if he loves you. He likes other girls too. Not just you.

When a guy cheats on his wife or girlfriend does it mean he is not the right one?

Yes, because if he was the right one, he would be faithful and want no body but you.

What should a guy do if he cheats on his girlfriend?

If you really care about your girlfriend, you tell her that you cheated on her and that you are really sorry you did. You promise you'll never do it again. (and don't do it again). If you're lucky, she'll forgive you.

What makes a guy feel bad?

narrow your question down!! possibly if a girl cheats on him or if she doesnt turn up to a date etc

What type of boyfriend is the one that buys you flowers then says he hates you?

That's the type of guy that is probably cheats with his girlfriend. ALOT!! So next time you see that guy. DUMP HIM! :( :O

Why is this guy showing me he likes me by body language but yet stays with his girlfriend?

He's playing you both for fools, if he cheats on you with her, he'll cheat on you with someone else. Move on.

What is that new song called about the guy cheating on his girlfriend and she catches him?

There are many songs about girlfriends catching cheating boyfriends, including: "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood

There's this guy who has a girlfriend of 5 years He cheats on her with the same girl all the time Does this mean he likes this other girl. He calls her and watches her. Whats up?

If he liked this other girl... why wouldn't he leave his current girlfriend for her? This guy is obviously a jerk who just wants this other girl for sex.