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12-13: Just take it as she meant it and walk away. Most boys would do that.

14-15: She probably likes you and would want to get into a relationship.

On the other hand it could have been a dare (knowing girls) and really didnt mean anything.

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It's important to communicate your feelings and boundaries clearly with the girl. Let her know that you appreciate the gesture but that you are uncomfortable because of the age difference. It's also a good idea to talk to a trusted adult or counselor for guidance on how to navigate the situation.

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Now as you know this is a touchy subject and technically in some countries it is illegal, i'm going to give you my honest opinion and that is no, BUT and you have to remember this IT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP if you both want to kiss each other you don't have to ask no online Q&A website you make the decision yourselves and no one should stop you if you want to. (Think of Romeo and Juliet- Romeo was 18 and Juliet was only 14) ;)

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Q: What to do if a 16 year old girl kissed you and your younger then her?
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