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Q: What time should 5 year olds go to bed?
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What time should eleven year olds go to bed?

10- 10.30pm

Should 13 year olds make their bed?


What is a bed time for fourteen year olds?

If you are fourteen you should be in charge of your own bed time but I would say like 10:30 or 11 whatever feels right.

What time should 82 year old women go to bed?

9:00 becauce 82 year olds need there sleep

Bedtime for 11 year olds?

I think that the time that a 11 year old should go to bed is 8:30ish 9:00

What time should 11 year old girls go to bed in the summer?

11 year olds are supposed to get, around 7 to 10 hours sleep so should go to bed at around 9 to 10 o'clock.

What time do 10 year olds need to go to bed?

10 year olds should go to bed around 10:00. It is important for them to get sleep but when you get older you might have stuff to do that ends late. Then you need time to do other things like homework.

Should 10 year olds wear nappies?

if they wet the bed or pants without, they should

When should a 10-year-old go to sleep?

10 year olds should go to bed at 8.

What time should 2 year olds go to bed?

My cousin goes to bed at around 7:00, he usually gets up at around 7:30 so 7:00 should be a reasonable time. they should then get around 12 hours and 30 minutes sleep witch would be a perfect sleeping time!

What should an 11 year olds bed time be?

I would say nine in the evening my seven year old daughter goes to bed at half seven and my step daughter who is nine goes to bed at eight so i would say nine on a school night otherwise they are too tired for school.

What time should 12 year olds get out of bed?

That is based on how much you need to sleep and how late you went to bed, but over the weekends id say 11 in the morn.