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An incandescent material is one that is capable of becoming so hot that it glows, like a light bulb filament.

But a campfire that gives-off flames... or a torch which burns a fuel... to give-off light would simply be considered "candescent."

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Q: What the different between candescent and incandescent?
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What does 'incandescent' mean?

The basic meaning of 'incandescent' is 'glowing very brightly'. For example and incandescent light bulb is one that works by heating the tungsten filament until it is white hot and emits light.

Who was the inventor of the incandescent light bulb?

Thomas Alva Edison invented the first practical incandescent lamp in 1879. Many other scientists created the incandescent lights before Edison did, but those lights were not practically useful.

What is the energy pathway for an incandescent?


Why do stores offices and schools use fluorescent lights instead of incandescent?

Incandescent lights are expensive to run (they give off a lot of heat was well as light), incandescent lights are much more efficient. However modern LED light bulbs are better (more efficient) than both incandescent and fluorescent lights so in the future you will see a change to the use of these.

How does a rope light work?

There are many varieties of rope light. The biggest difference would be either LED or incandescent bulbs. Standard rope lights have two wires which can be controlled with a dimming or flashing controller. For chasing ability (lights run down the rope) at least three wires are required which can be controlled with a chasing controller. Rope lights are made of a PVC tubing which surrounds bulbs that are typically spaced 1" apart. LED rope light will have diodes while incandescent rope light contains small incandescent bulbs. Another difference between LED and Incandescent rope light is that the incandescent PVC tube contains color while the LED PVC tubing is clear and the color is given off by the diodes themselves.

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How many different types of light bulbs is there in the world?

Three, fluorescent candescent,and halogen

What does the root cand-mean in the word candescent?


What is the difference between incandescent and candescent?

Both are terms for the emission of light from an object due to heating, originating from the Latin word candere, which means "to shine".They are pretty much synonymous, but I think incandescence refers to an object becoming red-hot or white-hot, while candescence is more along the lines of light being given off from a fire.The answer in this link agrees with me.What_the_different_between_candescent_and_incandescent

What is the use of nitrogen gas in an in candescent bulb?

Nitrogen is preferred over air for the atmosphere around an incandescent light source because nitrogen is less likely than oxygen, the other major constituent of air, to react with whatever material, usually a metal, constitutes the light source. As a result, the "burning out" of the bulb is retarded and less frequent replacement is necessary. Some expensive incandescent bulbs in very critical uses are filled with argon, which is even less likely to react with the light source.

What are the manufacturing costs of fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs?

The costs of manufacturing costs of fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs are about the same aside from the slight different materials.

What is the difference between halogen and incandescent bulbs?

Halogen light bulbs are what has been around for a very long time. Incandescent bulbs are new and are more energy efficient.

What is the percentage of light output between CFL bulbs and an incandescent bulb?

Incandescent: 10-12 lumens per watt CFL: 50 lumens per watt.

Energy saving lamp LED or CFL bulbs are being used in cars and even in heavy vehicles are they comparable with the old incandescent bulbs in terms of luminance?

LED, CFL and incandescent, when compared in terms of luminance, LED beats both of them. The range of difference between LED and incandescent are very big, whereas CFL comes in between them.

Between fluorescent and incandescent which saves electricity?

Fluorescent lamps deliver more visible light than incandescent lamps using electric power at the same rate. (But incandescent lamps deliver more heat. Just depends on what purpose you're using light bulbs for.)

Use incandescent in a sentence?

i do not want an incandescent bulb.

Sentence with Incandescent?

The sun was incandescent during the summertime.

What is nonlinear resistance?

A nonlinear resistance is a resistance which is different for different voltages ie current is not proportional to voltage. An example of this is the filament of an incandescent lamp.