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The difference between preceding and receding is that preceding means coming before and receding means falling back.

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Q: What the difference between preceding and receding?
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What is the difference between preceding and receding?

Something that is preceding comes before, prior to, or ahead of something else. Something that is receding moves further away from where it was previously located.

What is the difference in these two decimal amounts 000024151 and 00024150?

000024151 is bigger than 00024150. The zeros preceding the numbers have no significance. As such, the difference between the two numbers is 1.

What is the difference in meaning between following and preceeding?

In basic terms, following refers to something coming after, and preceding refers to something coming before.

What the difference between preceding and following?

The word "Precede" means "to come before" not to be confused with "Proceed" which means to continue on. The latter would be synonymous with following.

What is the difference between new generation to old generation?

There is no clear definition of new and old generation. Basically each generation consists of the children of the preceding generation.

What is a sentence using the word receding?

you, sir, have a receding hairline.

Can you give a sentence for the word receding?

Older men often have receding hairlines. Receding flood waters saved the town from total disaster.

What is a receding tide?

A receding tide is a tide that is being pulled back into the ocean. The receding tide will then become low tide.

Are earth's deserts receding?

No, many deserts around the world are expanding, not receding.

What is the difference between a 2s orbital and a 3s orbital?

The number preceding the name of a sublevel ("s") indicates in which electron shell it belongs. Thusly, 2s is the second shell and 3s is the third.

Which enormous desert in Africa is receding every year?

Deserts in Africa are expanding and not receding

What is a receding line?

Receding line is a line that goes back to the vanishing point(VP). -.-