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There is effectively no difference. The two terms refer to the same

Aboriginal Australian nation/language group of people, and their existence relates to a longstanding disagreement within that community of people regarding how the word should be spelled. Some language group members favour the spelling 'Kurnai', first put forward by anthropologist A.W. Howitt in the late 19th century, whilst others favour 'Gunai' or Gunnai' as the form of spelling, considering that it more appropriately reflects the correct traditional pronunciation.

For complete accuracy a phonetic spelling would be necessary, and the language itself is now a lost language, with no natural speakers of it left in existence.

Using either is acceptable and appropriate for people not of Gunnai/Kurnai descent, and proponents of either will readily accept the use of the term 'Gunnai/Kurnai' or 'Kurnai/Gunnai' for inclusion in legal documents.l

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Q: What the difference between kurnai and gunnai?
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