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Q: What the difference between above and below ground mining?
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What is the difference between 'quarrying' and 'mining?

Quarrying takes place at a quarry, a relatively small open pit mine where the usual product is dimension stone for construction or decorative purposes. Mining takes place at a mine, which may be of the open pit, surface, or underground variety, where the usual product is a valuable ore or coal, not normally dimension stone.

What is the difference between underground and above ground?

underground has soil or is wet and above ground is dry or grassy

How and where it is mined?

With mining gear. In or above the ground.

What is the difference between Stolon and Rhizoid?

rhizoids are below-ground, stolons are above-ground

Why do they mine underground instead of above ground?

how are they supposed to mine above ground? mining is defined by making an entrance underground, otherwise it isn't called mining anymore.

Why might surface mining be less risky for miners than underground mining?

They mine above ground

Do miners mine above ground?

Yes, when they do this it is called surface mining.

What is the difference between a canyon and a mountain?

A mountain sticks up above ground level and a canyon is down below ground level

What is the difference between first floor from ground floor?

Actually, there is not much difference, but a ground floor is usually the very bottom one and the first floor is usually the one above

What is the difference between a mine and a quarry?

A quarry is the name for a place where rock is taken from the ground. It is always above ground. A mine can be below ground or at ground level and is where ore is taken from the ground. Marble is quarried, coal is mined. That is the difference of a mine and a quarry.

How do I choose between an inground and above ground pool.?

An in ground pool and an above ground pool have difference maintenance requirements. You should start by researching the time and effort it would take to maintain them. Then make your decision based on your research.

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