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well... I got a latin saying that means "remember to live". It's "Memento vivere"

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A buffalo tattoo or a strong arm tattoo

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Q: What tattoo symbolizes overcoming adversity?
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What symbolizes overcoming adversity?

i have been drawing a tattoo that i feel represents overcoming adversities... its an aztec warrior standing on a pile of demons with his sword held high and a atec sun breaking out of the clouds

What is Symbolism of broken chain tattoo?

It is a symbol of breaking free from some type of stronghold or overcoming adversity.

What tattoo symbolises overcoming the past sayings or pictures?

A Coy Fish Swimming down your body symbolizes overcoming a life experience.

What are Michael Arroyo's struggles in Heat?

overcoming adversity

What tattoo symbolizes feeling overwhelmed or overcoming that feeling?

There are a lot of images that may get it across, but for the most part with such things, a phoenix rising from the ashes or from fire is always a pretty highly held symbol for this. It symbolizes rebirth, and in that context, overcoming odds and things that once held you down.

What is Alice walker's the color purple theme?

overcoming adversity

What is overcoming adversity?

Overcoming adversity means getting past something that poses an obstacle to your goal. Some adversities people have to work to overcome are poverty, learning disabilities, and racial discrimination.

What literary element is best illustrated by the phrase overcoming adversity?

yesssss .

What does a koi fish symbolize upstream?

when a koi fish swims upstream and makes it it turns into a magnificent dragon thus a koi fish swimming upstream symbolizes overcoming adversity and realizing/fufilling our fullest potential

What tattoo symbolizes personal growth?

The tattoo that symbolizes personal growth is the butterfly. It may be a neck tattoo, arm band tattoo, shoulder, hand, or ankle tattoo.

What tattoo symbolizes transformation?

One tattoo that symbolizes transformation is the butterfly. Another tattoo that also represents transformation is the lotus flower which represents beauty.