What store can you buy LEGO?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can buy legos from the LEGO store, target, Walmart, toys r us and more!

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Q: What store can you buy LEGO?
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Does the Lego store buy Lego?

No. The LEGO store is part of the LEGO company.

Were can you buy LEGO universe?

At any Lego Store

Where can you buy LEGO CITY in Melbourne?

At your nearest Lego store or Walmart.

Where to buy a LEGO man costume?

Sadly Lego costumes do not exist, however you can buy weapons etc. from your nearest Lego store.

Where can you buy a Lego Star Wars death star?

You can buy them at usually any Lego store or online

Where can I buy lego blind bag?

You can buy a Lego blind bag from a toy store such as Toys R Us.

Do you buy Lego universe at the store?

You can, but most people buy it online.

Where do you buy LEGO universe?

As far as I know, only the online Lego store at

Where to buy Lego in the Philippines?

national book store

Where can you buy LEGO Master Builder Academy?

You can buy LEGO Master Builder Academy Kit 1 (Space Designer) on the LEGO Shop website ( or at a LEGO Brand Store.

Where can you buy LEGO pieces?

At a local toystore? Or if you have a Lego store then definitely there. Legos are basically everywhere.

Where can you buy LEGO 7869?

This set is a Toys R Us exclusive. Which means you can get it there OR buy it directly from a Lego retail store or