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Federal law says that no one is allowed to grow, possess or use marijuana. However, some states (such as California and Michigan) pass laws stating that marijuana is legal for medical use. Obviously, federal law takes precedence over state law, but there seems to be some controversy. (In other words Heres Your Answer: In federal's eyes, in all states, it is illegal to smoke marijuana. In certain state's eyes they may legalize marijuana for medical use.

Please see the site below to gain further information on he 14 states that have legalized it for medical use, the years that it was legalized in each state, and more.

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Q: What states is it illegal to smoke marijuana?
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Can you smoke medical marijuana at 16 in California?

No- use of cannabis is illegal at any age throughout the United States.

Is it illegal to smoke mariquana or weed?

Marijuana and weed are the same thing. And almost everybody knows that is is illegal to be in possession of marijuana without a medical permit, which can only be approved in 15 different states and D.C.

Is it legal to smoke pot on 420?

No. Where Marijuana is illegal, it is illegal 365 days of the year.

Where can you smoke marijuana legealy?

smoking is illegal. but some states have decriminalized the possession of marijuana for amounts under an ounce, about 13 have done this, i know Massachusetts is one of them, but i dont know them all.

How old do you have to be to smoke marijuana in Canada?

There is no age limit on illegal activity.

Is it illegal for minors to possess and smoke weed in Oregon?

It is illegal for a person of any age to smoke or possess marijuana in the US unless it is prescribed to them.

Is it legal to smoke in state parks or beaches?

Yes, it illegal to smoke weed/marijuana in a public park.

Is it illegal to smoke synthetic marijuana while on parole?

Yes. It's illegal to drink alcohol as well.

Are marijuana blunts illegal?

In some States of the US it is Legal and In other Countries, Also People with medical reasons can smoke legally. Hope that helped ^^

What states in the United States of America still consider marijuana illegal?

In four states — Idaho, Kansas, South Carolina and Wyoming — marijuana is fully illegal, according to DISA Global Solutions, a drug testing company.

How do you use marijuana?

well , your not really supposed to use it but you can smoke it out of a pipe or bong or smoke a joint. it is illegal though.

Is it legal to smoke marijuana in Jamaica?

No, it is illegal, but it's widely tolerated. And we already have our very own Jamaican Marijuana Community Forum.