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In most states, the age is 18. Some states are as low as 16, some 17, but there are rules that apply.

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Q: What states is 16 too young for sex?
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If it won't go in is she too young?

First of all how old are you and her ? You shouldnt have sex until you are 16 or older

Is 14 too young too get pregnant?

Yes. It is against the law to have sex before the age of 16 or 18 depending on where you live.

How do you get a girl pregnant if you are 14 year old boy?

The only way a girl can get pregnet is if she has a sperm transplant or has anal sex. But, you might be too young. In some states you could be arrested for having sex if you're under 16, so be careful. Hope this helps.

I am sixteen years old and i have a 4.5 inch penis when erected is this too small to have sex?

first of all you don't need to know when its a good time to have sex you are too young start thinking about sex when you married The above answer is right in context, You are too young for sex at 16 years old. Your penis will grow as you grow. You must be 18 years old to have consensual sex with a partner. It is best to wait until you are married & in love to have sex or make love to your partner and then your size will not be a significant factor.

When was She's Too Young created?

She's Too Young was created on 2004-02-16.

How old is bridgette?

She is 16.

Is it legal for a thirteen year old to date a sixteen year old in Florida?

That is up to your parents to decide. There are no laws for dating. You are too young for sex. The 13yo have to be 16 for it to be legal.

Is 16 too young to drive?

There's a yes and a no side to it and so it depends on what your ideas towards it are to decide if it is too young or not.

Is it legal for a 16 year old girl to date a 13 year old boy?

Yes dating is legal as long as your parents are OK with it. You are too young to legally have sex though.

Why should you be sixteen to get a job?

You should be 16 to get a job because any younger aged folk are usually too young to understand a job. In some states, you can be younger than 16 and work. Some states require you to have a workers permit, however.

In AR can someone 16 date someone 27?

It is the responsibility of the 27 year old to know this one. The 16 year old should be informed too. Dating and sex are two different things. In many states, sex between the two is illegal. Check your state laws.

Can a 16 year old from the UK drive in the US?

No, you are too young to hold a UK license and too young for a US license.