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Some states passed personal liberty laws for runaway slaves.

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2014-01-06 19:52:41
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Q: What statement best describes the position of most Northerners toward slavery?
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What statement best describes the position of northerners toward slavery?

Most Northerner didn't care for slavery. That is not to say they didn't want it abolished, it just did not affect their life.

What describes the position of the most northerners towards slavery?

Some states passed personal liberty laws for runaway slaves.

What describes the position on slavery of most northerners during the sectional crises of the 1850?

they were wiling to accept it where it already existed but opposed further expansion

What statement best explains why john brown failed to unite forces that opposed slavery?

Northerners and Southerners were not ready to resort to violence to abolish slavery

What is a statement that describes John Brown?

A statement that describes John Brown is that he was an American abolitionist who believed in using violence to end slavery.

Why did many northerners want to keep slavery in the south?

Northerners did not believe in slavery, but southerners did. It was the southerners who kept slavery in the south.

How did northerners and southerners view slavery?

Some northerners believed slavery was morally wrong. Southerners believed slavery was an essential part of their lives.

Did southerners and northerners agree on slavery?


What statement is best describes John Brown?

He was a radical abolitionist who wanted to end slavery

How did northerners feel about slavery after the Revolutionary War?

Northerners were completely against slavery, and before the Civil War they took their hatred overboard by killing Southerners for their slavery.

How did northerners react to the proclamation?

Many Northerners were for the proclamation that ended slavery. However, there were Northerners who felt like Southerners and opposed it.

What where the northerners that were against slavery called?


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