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Alabama. It was the first state to recognize Christmas

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Q: What state is called Christmas by some natives?
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When some natives may respond Christmas so what state are you speaking of?

florida, why? Did you think to check the official state question for New Mexico? "Red or Green?"

When asked some natives may respond to Christmas?

red or green? (chili that is)

When asked some natives may respond Christmas So whats the official question of the state in question?

The answer you are looking for is RED OR GREEN. See website:

Were natives attacked by other natives?

Yes, some natives were killed by other natives, such as the Lenape and Wampanog.

Which two states in the United States have towns called Christmas?

We haven't found any named Christmas, but there are are some called Santa Claus, Noel, etc. See list at the bottom of the page at:

What are the Australian natives called?

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Where does a Christmas trees came from?

They come from Christmas tree farms, mostly in the northern half of the U.S., but there are some farms in every state.

What are some songs called that are Christmas carols?

Some Christmas carols:Silent NightAway in the MangerJingle BellsWhite ChristmasRudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerFrosty the SnowmanDeck the Halls

Did the puritans not want to be peaceful with the natives?

Some did, some didn't. Some decided to cheat the natives, killed them via disease, and other believed it was wrong. The majority did not want to share the new world with the natives though.

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One popular Christmas book for children is called The Polar Express. Other popular Christmas books for children include How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, A Christmas Carol, and Pete the Cat Saves Christmas.

What is Christmas called in Antarctica?

Generally, December 25 is the name of the day. Some temporary workers and scientists there may also call it 'Christmas'.

What are some stereotypes of the Indian natives in South America?

All Indian natives have darker skined colour