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Pick your favorite love song and go for it! :)

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Q: What song can a girl can sing to a guy?
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What kind of song should a girl sing to a guy?

love story i think

What does it mean when a guy ask you a song?

If a guy sings you a song, that means he likes you or he is really friendly. It depends on what type of song it is. Not many guy would sing a song to a girl, this means he probably likes you.

What should a best friend song be if your nine?

It should be medium in the sound not to loud not to soft and if you like him or her you can put hints in the song that you like him or her if it is a guy giving it to a girl the guy should sing it to her if the other way the girl should wait for the guy to sing it to her if he does he likes you back and if the guy sings it to her and she blushes she likes you back

What is a good love song for a guy to sing to a girl?

Breathing by Lifehouse is quite emotional. But it depends what the girl likes for it to be truly 'good'. Find out what she likes and try and get a love song out of that.

What do you sing to the windmill guy in zelda ocarina of time?

you sing song of storm to him

What does it mean for a guy to sing to a girl?

Personally i think that it is very romantic for a guy to sing to a girl, even if the guy doesn't have the best singing voice, it is still very romantic.

Should you sing a song to a girl you like?


What song does Justin bieber sing that has the word girl?

Favorite Girl.

You wrote a song for a guy should you give it to him?

You should sing it for him!

What to do if a guy will sing you a song?

If your a girl and you like him all you have to say is Aww Thanks that's super sweet. And if you don't like him just walk away.

What is a song for a girl to sing at school?

if you want to sing a Hindi song then sing "pehli nazar meh" from the movie race and if English then "love birds"

What is the song where in the music video the artist a black guy and a girl are singing in a music studio and it is broadcast over the radio then everyone starts dancing to it?

Its the song where a black guy and girl sing in a studio and it goes over the radio and people that hear it start to dance. Hope this helps. Thanks.