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The most common sizes of gauges for the ears are between 5/128" and 1". They can be found in larger sizes for those who really feel they need to go just a little bigger.

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Q: What sizes do gauges for ears come in?
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A bore gauge is a tool used to measure the sizes of various holes. There are no different kinds of bore gauges, but bore gauges do come in a few different sizes.

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Got to the Wildcat website in the Related Links below, main catalog, page 3. That will show you the gauges and sizes.

Does any celebrity have gauges in their ears?

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Can you wear gauges right after you peirce your ears?

They aren't gauges. They're plugs. And no, you have to wait about 2-3 months until your ears heal or you will really mess them up.

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Are telescoping gauges available in metric and imperial sizes?


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How long do you halfto keep a gauge in to stick in a bigger one?

I gauge my ears and they are now at 1 inch. You should usually keep them in for 2 weeks to be safe, but I only keep mine in for 4 days and my gauges are turning out fine. Just don't skip sizes. It hurts, and it's risky. Especially when you get into the larger sizes (past 00g). Hope it helped(: Here are some good places to order gauges from: * * * (note:they have cheap gauges but they work if you only are keeping them in for a short amount of time) *Straight to the point (its a piercing shop)

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