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5/16"-24 x 6 1/2"

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Q: What size stock bolt is needed for a Winchester 1300 defender shotgun stock?
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Are the stocks from the Winchester 1300 compatible with the Winchester sxp defender?

No, they are not. I bought a Speck Ops folding stock for the Winchester 1200/1300 series of shotguns, for my Winchester SXP Defender. Upon trying to install the stock, it was obviously much different than the old 1200/1300 series. ATI mentions a stock system with Winchester adapter for the 1300 and the SXP series, try calling them to see if you can buy just the adapter or the stock system, if that is what you are looking for.

Can recoil be adjusted by turning the nut in the stock on a model 59 Winchester shotgun?


How do you remove a stock from a Winchester model 840 shotgun?

Best left to a gunsmith

Does the stock for a Winchester model 12 shotgun stock 12 gauge fit also fit a 16 gauge?


What year did Winchester make model 1300 20 ga winchoke black synthetic stock?

your winchester model 1300 shotgun was made by winchester between the years 1995-2006.

How to Remove stock Winchester defender?

First you must remove the buttpad, or buttplate that you have on the stock. You will reveal the hole that the bolt goes into. You will need either a long screw driver or a extension attachment for a ratchet wrench in order to take the bolt out and the stock off.

When putting the stock back on a Winchester model 50 shotgun what order do the washers go back on?

YOu need to contact a factory trained gunsmith

Why is the butt stock different on the Ted Williams shotgun versus the Winchester shotguns?

This was a production request from sears,which sold the shotguns under the name of ted williams.

What Stevens shotgun has plastic stock?

The model 5100 Stevens shotgun has a plastic stock

What is the Winchester stock market symbol?

Winchester hld - red

What would one use a Mossberg 500 Stock for?

The Mossberg 500 Stock is the stock for the Mossberg 500 shotgun. The stock would allow you to get a better grip on the shotgun and absorb some recoil from firing the shotgun.

Is there a used stock available for a model 57 WINCHESTER RIFLE?