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mine is 3inches to 5 inches

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Q: What size is your Google account profile picture?
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how do i put a moving profile picture on my google account?

I know i asked this but i figured out how to do it you just take a giphy and save it then go to your account and click where you change you profile photo and then click upload from my computer and go to downloads and there it is click the giphy you saved and there you did it!! then you can adjust the size, see my profile photo to take an example of its outcome mine is harry potter

What is the correct size for facebook profile picture?

You can upload a picture of any size and Twitter will automatically resize it.

Do you like the new Google?

no the new google is very bad and it is trouble. The full size image is the same size as the normal picture.

How do you change your imvu profile?

you can either take a picture of you avitar in the game and press set as profile pic or go on the web version of your profile and press account and itll have the browse option to put a pic up thats a little tricker since they ask for a certain size so youll have to strink your image for it to work.

What is the size limit of attachments on Google sites?

If you are not having google apps account then:Site quota: 100Mb/siteMax attachment size: 20MbIf you are having google apps account enabled on your domain:Quota per domain: 10GbMax attachment size: 20MbMore details can be found in the related link.

What type and size of avatar should I use for my profile on a website or social site?

Any picture in which you're smiling (:

What is MB's Gmail?

Google's Mail has a specific size for each account. The size which can be allotted to each account is 15 GB. You cannot use beyond that.

How do you change the new howrse avatar?

Go to "My Account", then "Edit My Account" (found at the top left corner). It will bring you to a page where you can choose an image from a file on your computer. The image must be 120*120 pixels, and be in either GIF, JPG, or PNG form. Happy Howrsing!

Can you insert pictures in a question?

It is not possible to add photos to questions. The size of pictures and numbers of pictures would place a burden on servers and on volunteers, because we would need to check all those images for appropriateness, etc. Overall, the site works best without adding images into questions.

On Windows does it effect disk space when you create another account?

Yes, creating another account does use more disk space. Files and folders are created for the new account to function. Typically the size is only a few megabytes and at least the size of the Default User profile.

How do you get an URL for a picture that will show up in a fourm?

Get a picture online example: use Google images then click on the picture, then click on see full size image take the URL from your browser done.

How do you get a picture that fits your ID on Howrse?

From google. The picture must be smaller than 120 x 120 pixels and smaller than 40 KB file size.