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I'm afraid that size is to big for UK. Go shop at USA tyvm.

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Q: What size is 26inch waist and 33inch hips UK?
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What is a womans dress size with 26inch waist?

In the UK a women with a 26inch waist is a size 8 !.. 25 1/2 inch waist is a 6..

Why does your waist size increased from 33inch to 37inch after marriage?

because there was a lot of food at the wedding :)

What size is 36 inch waist and 46inch hips?

I'm a 34 waist and 46 hips and I am in a 12.

What is the ideal bust hips and waist size for a women?

To find out measure your waist and hips and divide the waist measurement by the hips one and the perfect number at the end of that is 5.8 so the closer to that number you are the better (:

How wide is the average person?

Width doesn't matter that much for multiple reasons. If you're a women you need to have wide hips to carry a child. Also, not everybody is the same height, which results in different widths of your hips. Your hips could also be wider from surgery or having a child. Instead of thinking about how wide you are, think of how in proportion you are. Your waist should be from 60-90% the size of your hips. If your waist or hips are too large then you may have a problem. To calculate what percentage your waist is of your hips: Size of waist / size of hips x 100

What do you say when a boy asks for your measurements?

they are asking like your bra size and your waist and then your hips... for example: i am 36in chest - 29inch waist - 36inch hips

What dress size is Bust 37 Hips 35 Waist 30?

size sexy

What size is a 32 inch waist and 41 inch hips?

Approx size 10

What dress size are you. bust-36 waist-27 hips-36?

size 5

If your waist is a 32 what size are your hips?

This differs greatly from woman to woman. You will need to measure your own hips.

What size is 35 inch waist and 47 inch hips?


If your waist size is 36 and your hips are 43 how do you reduce waist size to get the perfect ratio?

There are NO perfect ratios - humans are all different, thankfully.

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