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A slave from back then had nearly any land what so ever. Slaves never had farms also because they were listed into the category of the lower or lowest class. Occasionally slaves did have large plantations or farms because they were bought by wealthy people or nobleman in the highest class that had large houses and many slaves.

black people owned slaves too

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Q: What size farm or plantation did a typical slave live in?
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What is the name of a big farm on which crops are raised by workers who live there?


How long did the typical slave live?

30 years

What is the name of a large farm with many workers who live on the land they work?

A large farm with many workers who live on the land they work is called an agricultural estate or a plantation. These types of farms are typically found in rural areas and can produce a variety of crops or livestock.

Did a typical American family of the 1600s live on a small farm?


I live and a colony that uses slave on rice plantation many English settlers and slaves came here from Barbados in the Caribbean where do I live?

South Carolina

Did the typical American family live on a small farm?

tomatoes were once considered poisonous

Did slaves live in plantation homes?

Yes, some slaves lived in quarters on the plantation grounds, close to the main house where the plantation owner lived. Others may have lived in slave quarters removed from the main house. The living conditions for slaves on plantations varied depending on the region and the personal beliefs of the plantation owner.

What did plantation owners live in?

Plantation Houses

Did molly pitcher live on a farm till she was 13?

yes molly pitcher lived on a farm till she was 13 then became a slave and married her master, Willam Hays.

What is a large farm with many workers who live on the land they work?

That is called a plantation. It is typically associated with specialized crops like sugar, cotton, or tobacco, and relies on a large workforce, often including enslaved laborers in historical contexts.

Where did Japanese immigrants live in Hawaii?

Those that came as contract laborers lived on the plantation that contracted them in plantation owned housing. (The housing may have compared favorably to the slave quarters of the deep South, but it remained inadequate at most locations in every way.)

What is a plantation home?

Its a house where plantation owners and their family live.