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The pool light is usually on a 15 amp circuit. The breaker feeding this circuit must have a GFCI rating.

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Q: What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a pool light?
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What size in amperage circuit breaker should be used for a pool pump?

The sizing of the circuit breaker and hence the wire size to feed the pump are all dependant upon the amperage of the pump. This question can not be answered without that information.

If you have just leased a home and cannot find the switch to turn on the pool light how can you trace it?

Pool lightCall the company or person that leased you the property and ask them where the switch is to the pool light. If they don't know; often a pool light is turned on by a breaker in the panel marked "pool light." A breaker is an overcurrent protective device, it can not be used to "switch" a light unless it is marked "SWD".

Why does your pool water shock you when you put your hand in?

due to presence of electricity. more precisely stray voltage from a nearby source could be the light. stop putting your hand in the pool and call an electrician new: I might add, a qualified swimming pool electrician or a pool tech. PLEASE, RIGHT NOW , TURN OFF THE CIRCUIT BREAKER TO THE LIGHT !!!! K

How do you change the lite in an in ground pool?

Turn of the breaker to the light. Drain the pool (at least below the light). Unseal the light. Remove and replace the bulb. Re-seal the light (replace the gasket if the mfr recommends this). Turn on the breaker and check the light for function. Fill the pool. Check the light for leaks. Piece of cake, actually. It just takes a while to do. Don't forget to check the pool chemistry after filling it!

What is the most likely cause of an underwater pool light continually tripping GFI if it does not appear to be an overloaded circuit?

The circuit that the GFI controls has a current leak on it. The leakage could be anywhere in the circuit.To trouble shoot the circuit first shut off the GFI breaker to the circuit in question. Then remove the load (pool light) from the circuit. Isolate the feeder wires with wire nuts on both the "hot" and neutral conductors.Turn the GFI breaker back on. If the GFI breaker does not trip when it is turned back on, the problem is not in the feeder wires. The tripping problem is caused by the light fixture. If the breaker does trip you will have to find where the moisture is getting into the underground conduit system.Remove the light fixture and try to completely dry the unit. This can be done with a heat gun by blowing hot air on the fixture to dry it out.Once you think the fixture is completely dry, without placing the fixture back in its placement in the pool, temporarily connect it to the feeder wires and check to see if the breaker trips. If it does not trip then you have corrected the problem.What is left to do now is to find out where the leak is that is letting the moisture into the fixture. Once found and completely sealed the fixture can be placed back into service.

300w 12V pool light with 12 volts at the base and the light will not come on?

This is not a job for a novice. Call a qualified swimming pool tech to trouble shoot your pool light circuitry. It may just be the bulb but age of the light fixture, cord and housing could be a factor also. It may also be just the circuit breaker but unless everything is tested you are just guessing. You are taking a chance, even with low voltage, on stray electricity to the pool. Don't delay getting professional help. k

Why would your pool circuit breaker go off?

Probably because you are either drawing too much current or you have a ground fault. If your ground fault breaker is tripping, or if you have a ground fault receptacle is tripping then you have too much circulating current through your neutral. There are many factors to consider there. Provide more information about what is on the pool's circuit and we can explore the options.

How do you ground a pool filter?

We have a large filter pump on our pool. When we installed the above ground pool, we put a in ground pump on it to keep it excessively clean. We had our neighbor, an electrical engineer, install a 220 v circuit breaker in a circuit box next to the pool which is also attached to the breaker in the house. Most pool installation companies feel that this is unnecessary which is what I was told when I which to a specialty electrical supply co. The part costs $250 and fortunately was installed for free. I wouldn't have it any other way. Any static or close electrical storm activity trips the breaker. Last summer, lightning stroke our tree which was 15 feet from the pool. The tree blew up but the pool pump was just fine. Hope this helps.

Every time you vacuum you blow the breaker in your house can you change the breaker?

Either your breaker switch needs to be changed for a heavier one, the pool equipment needs to be put on an other circuit or better still one of its own.It is best to talk to an ellectrician about the delails involved.

You have 220v wiring 2 hots 1 common from breaker box to pool wiring box Common is wired to equipment ground is that correct?

Correction - 2 hot (2 * 120) = 240 volts common - neutral U R 100% correct PS: 240 motor for pool ? hmmm, learn something everyday The cable from the breaker box to the pool should be a 3 conductor. In that 3 conductor cable there should be a bare ground wire (the ground wire is not included in a cable wire count). The pool ground should be connected to that bare wire, not the white neutral. This bare ground wire is then grounded back at the breaker panel to provide a direct path to trip the breaker in case of a short circuit. Code requires a GFCI ahead of the pool load to detect ground faults. See related links below on GFCI's

What could be wrong with an inground pool light that won't stay on .comes on then goes out after a few minutes...then comes back on again?

There is a short. Disconnect all wiring to this light immediately. Do not go into pool until this is light is PERMENANTELY DISCONNECTED. Turning off the circuit breaker is not enough if there are ever children (under 21) around. Tapeing the switch is not enough for the same reason. Contact an electrician if you feel the need for a light inside the pool, not a handyman, but a licensed electrician. Every year kids are electrocuted for this exact reason. Take heed.

Is a pool spotlight different from a regular outdoor flood light?

yes a pool light is typically a sealed unit. this is to prevent water from entering the light and coming in contact with the electrical components of the light. if water were to enter the light it could damage the light fixture and also trip the light breaker or gfci. in addition in some situations if the light were not installed correctly/electrically protected correctly (with breaker and gfci) could cause a dangerous situation to bathers. to change the light bulb in a pool light fixture the light fixture must be brought above the waters surface and the lense with lense gasket removed bulb changed then lense with lense gasket replaced and the light reinstalled in the light niche in the wall of the pool below the waters surface. you must also use the appropriate bulb for the light fixture. this is not as simple as just picking up a bulb from home depot and threading it in as you would do with an outdoor flood light. light repairs should only be performed by a trained pool professional as it could be dangerous if not done correctly.

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