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iPod microphones are best suited for recording audio directly to the Ipod. The high performance microphones like alesis ProTrack or Belkin GoStudio can turn the Ipod into a full-fledged mobile recording studio.

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Q: What situation are iPod microphones best suited for?
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Where do you get microphones for iPod touches?

nearest apple ipod dealer.

Where are the microphones on an iPod touch?

There are none

Where are the microphones on the iPod touches?

The microphone is located at the back of the iPod next to the camera.

Does the iPod touch 5 gen Have two microphones?


Are ifrogz compatible with your iPod?

The ifrogz is a nice accessory for an ipod. They are suited for the Apple ipod and may fit other modles as well, it is best to seach the info to see if it is.

Which stereo speakers are best suited for the iPod?

Any high quality speakers will be really good.

Is the color splash app only for iPhone?

No, you can get it for an iPod touch for the same price. Every app in the app store can be bought for iPhones and iPod touches, but some work best on iPhones, because they need microphones. (you can get these for iPod touches)

Why wont your iPod respond when you blow on it?

because it needs a microphone to work with that only 3rd generation ipod touchs have microphones

Where do you find a microphone for your iPod touch?

From what i heard, you can get earphones that have Microphones attached to them. I am planning to get one for Skype. You can find all different types of iPod Touch microphones all over the internet. Most of them are listed at Hope this helps

Do second generation ipod touches have microphones?

The second generation iPod Touch does not have a built-in microphone, but you can connect the new iPod earphones with the controls, which does have a microphone and will work with the second generation iPod Touch.

How do you fix your iPod touch if it has been thrown?

The best thing to do in this situation is buy a new one

Can you get talking tom on your ipod touch?

Yes, but only if it is a 4th Generation as they have microphones which are needed for the usage of the app.