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My girlfriend. Back away.

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Q: What should you say to a guy who likes your girlfriend?
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What if a guy likes a girl even if she has a girlfriend?

Can you say threesom

What can you do if the boy you like and he likes you back has a girlfriend that is your friend?

are you sure you want a guy that likes someone other then his girlfriend. lets say the guy and your friend break up and you and the guy get together then another one of your friend comes along and he likes her instead of you. how would you feel? i think you should tell your friend about it.

What should you do if the girl you like likes you too?

say that you love her! I wish the guy, JC that I liked would say that he loved me. KB. Ask her out! Get together! Be boyfriend and girlfriend!

What should a girl say to a guy that she likes?


What do you do if you like a guy and you think he likes you but he has a girlfriend and wont say anythink about it?

wait until he breaks up with her then go from there

How can you get boyfriends?

if you like a guy and he likes you back . i no its awkward to ask a guy if he likes you so you get a friend to go talk to him and if hes says he doesn like you tell your friend to tell him then you should ask her out if he say okay the say yes and go on a date with him then tell your friend that he has u to be his girlfriend then you say yes but if when your friend asks the dude if he likes you and he says no im sry but theres nothimg you can do

What if a guy likes a girl but she doesn't like him what should she say?

she should just say no that she doesnt like him

What should you do when your guy friend says he will ask the guy you like for you if he likes you?

I would say sure

What should you do when a guy really likes you but you like someone else?

It would usually be best to tell the guy that likes you sorry but I am not interested. Say it in a nice way and you should be alright.

Why should a guy have a girl friend?

A guy doesn't have to have a girlfriend. If you want to that's ok. Nobody should have to force you or say that you should have a girlfriend. It's YOUR choice.but if you want to have sex than you should have a girl friend.

Your friend likes this guy but this guy likes her and so does his best friend what hould she do?

well she should tell the other guy that she doesnt likethat she is not interested in him and that she already likes someone else then say sorry to him

How do you stop someone from flirtting with you girlfriend?

You should confront that guy that is flirting with your girlfriend about it. You should say hey i am not cool with you flirting with my girlfriend and i dont like it. Maybe after you say something he will stop but if not then idk haha....