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the truth. if you lie, when you meet the person, he/she will find out you were lying and he/she will leave you and you'll be right back at the beginning. so stick to the facts cuz lies never end well. A. you should not be using a online dating service but since you are any way i will tell you what you should do : put what you like to do pictures of you and etc. hope this helps

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Q: What should you include in your dating profile for online dating?
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Can you show me some online dating profile examples ?

A good dating profile would have the individual's interests, hobbies, and occupation. They should also indicate what they are looking for in a relationship and their sexuality.

What is the best way to select an online photo for a dating website profile?

The best online photo for use in a dating website is a portrait shot that focuses on your face. You should not include other people in the picture and you should not choose anything picture in which you are too far away. You want potential dates to be able to see the real you.

Should you profile a man you are dating?

Why not. It couldn't hurt.

It is true that the true girlfriend of Wu chun is charlen?

No. I've seen Charlen's dating profile at dating site recently. If she is in relationships, she should not go there.

Is dating on WikiAnswers wrong?

Yes, dating on WikiAnswers is wrong. WikiAnswers is not an online chatting or dating service, and should not be used as such. WikiAnswers is a question and answer site, and should only be used as that and not a dating service.

How to Set Up an Online Dating Profile on the Run ?

Creating an online dating profile should not be a tedious or complicated experience. Few people get into the world of dating websites with the intention of filling out large quantities of information without a return in the form of finding dates. With the right guide, it is easy to streamline your online dating experience, and begin to find partners who will have a better understanding of who you are before they even send that first message. Emphasis should be placed on two particular categories: what you intend to get out of dating online and how much information you wish to reveal about yourself. The first thing you need to consider when you begin online dating is what exactly you are looking to get out of the potential dates you will be going on. Are you looking for a stable long term relationship? Or is your mind set on just finding a few random people to have one night stands with in your town? There is nothing inherently wrong with whatever your purpose for being on a dating website is, but it is invaluable to define your interests with specificity, as opposed to just browsing through profiles without any real motivation. The people who get the most out of online dating know what they want, which helps guide their actions as they approach certain people and avoid others. Any proper date that you go on requires you to reveal a part of yourself. An online dating profile is essentially a dating resume, and as a result you need to spend a good deal of time perfecting this major component of your profile. How much of yourself you wish to expose online is ultimately up to you, but it is worth noting that the people who get the most out of online dating offer up a good glimpse at who they are as a person. You do not need to get into extreme details about your private life, but if you are willing to be open with your interests, hobbies, and desires; your potential partners will love you for it. Once you have these things under your belt online dating becomes much easier. In no time you will be sure to see an influx of messages from people who find you interesting and desirable. You can then take those online conversations into the real world and explore your local bars, coffee shops, and entertainment complexes with your dates.

What information should not be posted on-line or shared in a profile or online conversation?

any information

Meaning of economic profile?

An economic profile is a basic overview of the economy in a certain state, country, or city. An economic profile should always include the expenditure or consumption of money in that area.

How secure is dating online at E Harmony?

Online dating on E Harmony is no more or less secure than online dating anywhere else. It is important to be wary when online dating, but should any major concerns arise, E Harmony has a service set up so you can contact them regarding such incidents.

Expand Your Social Life?

Being new to online dating can be scary, especially if you have never met someone online before. To begin, it is important to always be yourself. You should never lie on your dating profile just so that you can attract people to you. By not lying about yourself, you are more prone to developing relationships that will last and may even turn into marriage, if you so desire. Dating websites are great tools to use when expanding your social life.

Where to Go to Create a Dating Profile?

There are literally thousands of different dating services on the Internet. It can actually be quite difficult to find one that you feel comfortable using to find that special someone in your life. In order to get a more serious response, you may want to choose a dating service that specializes in one group of people. For instance, if you are a devout Christian, you should think about creating a profile on a Christian dating website.

Executive Dating Online?

Dating online can be a great way to meet someone and to start new relationships. If you are looking to date someone who shares your interests and career choices, you may need to find a website that caters exclusively to people who are within your own career. When posting a profile, you should also consider adding a picture so that people can better connect with you. You will be amazed at how simple and fun the entire process can be.