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First, press the home button. Then, bring up the multitask bar by double clicking the home button. press and hold the settings app icon until it wiggles, and press the red button that will appear above it. Then, report the error to Apple.

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โˆ™ 2012-02-28 23:37:20
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Q: What should you do when using an iPod touch 4 generation and when using Settings you get stuck on the FaceTime page because the back button disapeared even when you repeatedly click where it should be?
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Does the iPhone 4S have FaceTime?

Yes, the iPhone 4S does have FaceTime. To turn on FaceTime, go to "Settings", click the "FaceTime" icon, and toggle the switch to "on".

How do you log out of facetime?

Go to Settings Go to FaceTime Go to Account Sign Out option is available.

How do you download FaceTime on the iPhone 4s?

There is no way that you can download FaceTime on the iPhone 4S. FaceTime comes already pre-installed on the iPhone 4S. You can turn on FaceTime by going to your "Settings" and choosing the "FaceTime" tab. Then, toggle the switch to turn FaceTime to the "on" position.

How do you logout of FaceTime on MacBook air?

Go to settings; icloud; logout. This will log you out of all icloud utilities, including facetime. if you just don't want facetime, uncheck the box that says facetime

Why won't my FaceTime on my iPod touch work?

Your apple account has to be set up with the facetime, and the face time has to be set to on in your settings

How do you block Someone on FaceTime?

You have to go to settings, click FaceTime, and change the email that is on there, and don't tell the person your new email

How do you sign out FaceTime after using in ipod touch?

to sign out frm facetime you have to go on settings after dat on account nd den sign out. hope it worked ;)

How do you log off FaceTime for iPad?

You close the program or disconnect from the active video chat session. If you don't want Facetime to alert you when someone want to chat, set the Notifications for Facetime in the Settings menu.

How can you FaceTime iPad to iPad?

You must go to your settings and turn on Facetime on, sign in with your Apple ID, and register. If you have an iPhone, you can enter your wireless number, so people contacting you on that number via Facetime can reach you through your iPad. If not, set up an iCloud account and use that as your Facetime contact information.

How do I install FaceTime on my iphone?

FaceTime is a part of the iOS operating system and thus should not need installation; however, one may need to enable it. This can be done by accessing the Settings app, and then entering the Phone menu. One should see an option to enable FaceTime. It should be noted that some governments have banned the use of FaceTime, such as the United Arab Emirates. Users buying iPhones from these countries will not have the FaceTime functionality.

Can you face time on I pad?

Yes. If you have an iPhone as well, look at your settings on your iPad under FaceTime, and see what was entered for your 'receive at' address. If this is the same address as your phone, Facetime will try to go to both. If you want the call to go only to your iPad, get a second e mail address and enter it in received at in the settings.

Can you block people on FaceTime?

No but if iTs just like your brother or summert tranna anoy you that day you can go on settings and turn FaceTime off xx

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