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Men are very visual, they love beauty and especially beautiful women. Even though you may be the love of his life what is wrong with appreciating beauty. Very few women look the same and myself find it iteresting how every women is different. ITS JUST PEOPLE WATCHING. Look at other boys all the time ;)

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Q: What should you do if your boyfriend looks at other girls all the time?
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How do you no if your boyfriend does not like you anymore?

he looks at other girls

If your boyfriend cheated on his wife in the past and now constantly looks at other girls and has cheated on exes in the past?

It is clear he must have a cheating problem so you should leave him alone

Are girls okay with their boyfriend looking at girls feet including hers?

It depends if your thoughts are perverted. If the girl knows that the guy is into other girls, of course she will be worried and will freak out. But if she knows he respects her and will commit to only her, she will not have to worry about her boyfriend hanging around others. If he looks at girls feet, it should be for a good reason. Not just a lame original reason.

What does it mean when your boyfriend is with other girls and your behind them and one of the girls says dude you have a girlfriend and then he looks at you smiles and goes back to the girl.?

It means that you need to find a boyfriend who really cares about you because he surely does not.

What should you do when your boyfriend is too friendly with other girls?

Become very friendly with other guys.

What should you do if your boyfriend ditches you for other girls when your together?

Find someone that is more interested in you.

What if your boyfriend is messaging other girls and says its for someone else?

You should be skeptical about his claim.

What should you do if your boyfriend is VERY flirty with other girls?

Say forget that jerk them if they do it continuesly repeatly

You find pictures of other girls with your boyfriend?

you get a new boyfriend

What if your boyfriend broke up with a number of times and dated other girls how should you feel?

u should feel that its ok for you to date other people

How do you tell off you boyfriend when hes flirting with other girls?

To tell off one's boyfriend when he's flirting with other girls, a person should tell their boyfriend how disrespectful and hurtful it is for them to do that. Inform them that if they want to be in a relationship, they must learn to control themselves otherwise the relationship is over.

If you have been with your boyfriend for 7 and half years and he leaves you due to cultura and while he is with other girl tell you that he still loves you and is with her for that reason only and kee?

If the question is if you should stay with the boyfriend, if he is cheating with other girls I would not. If he still love you, he should prove it. Sleeping with other girls is not showing his love for you.