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Why don't you just ask her ,you know? ( this is from a female's point of view by the way) It would be cool if you just asked, like in a note if you don't wanna ask in person. Just make sure she doesn't have a man! But if you have a strong feeling that she likes you than you're probably right. Most people can tell when someone likes them. So go for it, the worst thing she could say is no. Just ask her in a simple way, you can't get hurt if you don't say everything you feel at the start, just don't reveal all your feelings. Just ask and if she says "Yes I like you" then you can get all romantic with her and stuff. Hope that helps!!!! Good Luck! God Bless

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Q: What should you do if you really like a girl and you think she might like you but you are not sure?
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You really like this guy and you think he might have some feelings for you too but you know that he used to like this girl and you think he still has a lot of fellings for her what should i do?

Ask him out and try to get the other girl out of your mind and his!!!

Can a girl ask out a boy?

yes ------------------------------------- I think that if you really like a guy you should ask him out. Chances are he might like you back! I think a girl could! try to get a moment where he is alone then just go for it and tell him at first he might be surprised then he might answer or say he'll think about it. but if he says no just get along with it don't get sad!

You still like the girl you asked out?

Well i think you should find out if she still likes you and if she does go for it!! i mean really if she does there might be a relatonship. good luck

When should you ask for a girl's phone number?

well, you should ask for a girl' s phone number if you like her or you think you might have a chance with her and she might just like you then you should ask her.

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ask her if she likes you

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If your not sure a girl likes you should you ask her out or leave it and you think shes really cute?

I think you should just go for it and ask her out.

Should you use a note to ask a girl out?

no, it is best if you go up to her yourself, she might think you dont really like her if you dont make the effort to go up to her

What should you do if there is this this guy you really like but he likes someone else?

Wait, he might get over this girl.

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You should try talking to this girl, she might like you too.

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