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What was that old saying? Oh yeah "What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas!" :D

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Q: What should you do if you are having an affair in Vegas?
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When did Las Vegas Affair happen?

Las Vegas Affair happened on 1847-07-06.

Can you ignore your husbands affair?

no. no affairs should be ignored. if he is having an affair with another women then that is unsuitable and should be resolved

Should I have my wife have an affair to make up for me having an affair?

what do you mean should you let her have an affair. If you wife wanted to have an affair she does not need your approval. Did, you get her approval. You sound somewhat stupid.

What should you do with friend who thinks that you are having an affair with her boyfriend or husband?

Confront him/her and tell the truth, if you are or aren't having a(n) affair with her boyfried/husband/fiance.

Is Daniel having an affair with Lina?

yes he is having and affair with here!

With which suitor is the maid Melantho having an affair?

Melantho is having an affair with Eurymachus in "The Odyssey" by Homer.

Should you stay with your woman after she has been having a 4 month affair?

no leave the relationship she obviously doesnt love you if she has had a four month affair!

Is it ok to keep having an affair after 6 years and no on knows?

no you should be ashamed of yourself

How did Ali know that her dad was having an affair?

Ali's father wasn't having an affair. Aria's was. His name was Byron, and he was having an affair with Meredith a woman at his college.

Is having an affair with a boss a bad idea?

having an affair with anyone is a bad idea.

Should I tell her boyfriend is having an affair?

you dont want to dob but you have to know what kind of a guy he is

Was Bella Goth having an affair?

no Bella Goth was not having affair she was tricking Don Lorthario.