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No easy answer. She may be worried about a huge bill or your phone getting lost. Just be responsible with it. Don't burn through your minutes or texts very quickly and always know where your phone is. If you can keep your cell costs under $40 with a prepaid phone then you have a good starting point for your request. Maybe ask her to visit the cell store and talk to them about how much it would cost to get you a phone.

Remember being calm and collected is important. Approach this as intelligently as possible and show her that you can handle the responsibility of a contract phone.

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2009-04-10 04:09:16
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Q: What should you do I have a prepaid phone but I want a monthly phone so how do I get my mom into buying me a different phone?
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Are prepaid cell phones actually cheaper than monthly contracts?

If you are worried about all of the random hidden charges, then you probably should go with a prepaid plan. Prepaid plans are great for all sorts of reasons. You can typically find plans with free unlimited texting along with your monthly plan.

What should I know about prepaid cell phones before buying one?

You should be aware of the price of the cell phone plan and any limitations that are involved in the plan.

Can you buy an unlocked cell phone and connect to your prepaid account from AT and T?

The answer is probably yes. The company you're buying the phone from should be able to tell you for certain.

Should I get prepaid gift cards for my son?

Prepaid debit cards are a great idea if you want a risk free financial plan. They can help avoid debt and help build your credit as well. There may be small monthly fees, however they are reliable. Visa and Mastercard participate in these cards.

Are there such thing as unlimited prepaid phone minutes?

You can find the information you need on the internet or the store you are thinking about buying the phone from. It depends what phone you buy also. There should be websites you can look at.

Can you turn a Verizon iPhone 4 into prepaid?

Yes you can - simply speak to your network provider. Assuming your contract has passed its minimum length, it's simply a case of changing the accout from a monthly fee to a prepaid one. Your network provider will issue a final bill from your monthly contract, and should issue you with a 'top-up' card - or you can use a debit/credit card to add money to your phone's account.

Can you use a prepaid sim card in a non-prepaid phone?

It Should Work; But Not For All Phones.

What should you do to get your new idea prepaid sim activated?

activate my idea prepaid sim card

Can you sell with a prepaid credit card?

You should be able to do everything with a prepaid card that you could do with a regular card. So if you are able to sell w a regular card then a prepaid should work as well.

Do prepaid cards work on buying xbox live?

Yes, all cards should work on purchasing Xbox Live as pre-paid are usually like Visa, Debit etc.

Who should I purchase my prepaid debit atm card from?

There may be small monthly fees, however they are reliable. Visa and Mastercard participate in these cards. You can purchase them at any Walmart, Dollar General, RiteAid or CVS.

Is Prepaid expenses considered a nominal account?

Yes, prepaid expenses should be a nominal account. Prepaid expenses are not assigned to a particular organization, but rather a category.

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