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Protein and water!

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Q: What should be consumed at intervals throughout the day?
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Explain why sources of carbohydrate should be consumed at intervals throughout the day?

They provide energy to people.

What control mechanism is used by correctional administrators at regular intervals throughout the day?


How much calories should be consumed in a day?

A limit of 2,000.

How many oz of water should be consumed per day?

A lot

Prescription said for times a day what times should i take it?

At equally spaced intervals that suit your lifestyle.

How long do rabbits sleep?

The rabbit does not sleep for long periods at one time. Throughout the day and evening a rabbit will sleep in intervals spanning 6 to 8 hours.

How is pennyroyal taken?

pennyroyal leaf infusion may also be safely consumed as a medicinal tea, taking up to two cups throughout the day.

How much should small aquarium fish get fed a day?

They should get fed just enough that can be consumed in a few minutes, as to not overstuff them. This should be done 2 times a day.

How much should you feed guppies?

Just enough to be consumed in a few minutes. Do this twice a day.

Is eating 700 calories per day dangerous?

No... The recommended amount of calories consumed each day should be around 2,000.

Why chips should or should not be consumed?

You could eat chips as a snack, but not every minute of the day that might be too much calories

What is the benefit of zero calories in a drink?

The benefit of zero calories in a drink is that there are not empty calories consumed throughout the day. The danger is that the lack of calories does not mean the drink in healthy.