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It depends on what the girl in question likes. Some women are turned on by romantic and sensual things, while others are turned on by dirty talk and dominant words. Some women are not turned on by whispering at all.

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Q: What should a guy whisper in a girl's ear to turn her on?
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When was Whisper in Your Ear created?

Whisper in Your Ear was created in 1979.

He wants me to whisper in his ear but what should I say besides I love you?

== ==

Guy blowing in a girls ear?

Shh Shh Shh... Don't say a word. Let me whisper in your ear how much I love you ~Whispers~

How can you get your crush to sex you?

Kiss him and then whisper in his ear that we should go somewhere private.

Is it possible a shout to overtake a whisper?

It depends on how loud the shout and the whisper is.

How do you turn a girl n?

Cuddle up to her , whisper is her ear , rub her leg , kiss her neck make her feel wanted :)

Turn ons for girls?

A turn on for a girl can be breathing in their ear or touching their neck.

When your making out with your boyfriend and he squeezes your breasts what should you do back if you like it?

Whisper in his ear, grab his butt, depends on what he likes.

How do you dog whisper to a dog?

1. you put your head close to the dog's ear and whisper. 2. you don't whisper because that's what retards do.

Why do people whisper in other people's ear?

the ear is what picks up sounds. a whisper is a form of talking in private, however from a distance you will have to speak louder. so whispering in an ear is a form of private communication

What did Odin whisper into Baldur's ear?

Odin whispered'"Hope and Rebirth" into Baldur's ear.

What do you do to a girls ear to turn them on?

When you massage a girls ear! She will really like it! And if she doesn't then try licking, nibbling, softly biting or blowing hot or cold air on them.