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This is a serious situation that needs to be addressed immediately. Please talk to a trusted adult such as a parent, teacher, or school counselor about what is happening. They can help you take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and well-being. Remember, it is important to never give in to any demands or threats from someone who is harassing you.

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dont do it tell someone.

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Q: What should I do if a 16 year old Emo boy keeps stalking my friend and I and all he wants from me is sex and he said if i have sex with him he'll leave my friend alone but we are only 12?
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What do you do if a guy keeps calling you and keeps following you and your friends around. What should you do to get him to leave you alone?

Approach him with your friends and tell him to leave you alone. If he doesn't stop, go again and tell him to stop or you'll get the police involved because he's committing a crime with stalking you. If he still doesn't stop, call the police and tell them about everything.

Whats the meaning if a boy keeps looking at you and is always in your sight?

he is stalking you

This guy keeps stalking me and talking about sex please help?

report him

How can you tell if a guy is stalking you?

he's constantly around you or if he keeps trying to talk to you.

What should you do if your boyfriend keeps calling your best friend a dog?

dump him

What should you say to the weird stalker guy in your class if he keeps stalking you?

You should say, if you don't care about hurting his feelings, "Why the heck are you following me? You should be ashamed of yourself, you freak!" and walk away. Do not make eye contact. DO not talk to him after that. If you want to be nice, then say, "Can you please leave me alone? I need to talk to my friend because we are in an argument. And I want to do it alone." Say this to him over and over, and eventually he will get the hint. If he doesn't, you have no choice but to be blunt and obvious and tell him to BACK ON OFF of you. I had a weird stalker and I just ignore him. It's really annoying because he's my ex-boyfriend but these tips worked pretty well for me!

What should you do if your friend keeps blowing you off?

If your friend keeps blowing you off, I think that you should confront him/her about his/her behaviour in a cool, calm way. My advice would be to talk to your friend calmly and ask why they blew you off. They might have a very good explanation!

How do you deal with a guy who keeps asking you out and is kind of stalking you?

Tell him you're really not interested.

Should a girl be worried if her X keeps showing up at her school where he does not currently have classes?

* Yes, it's called stalking! She should let her parents and the school counselor know this is going on. If the ex is warned and does not comply then she should have her parents put a restraint order on him. For now,she should always walk with at least one friend or a group of friends and try not to walk home alone. Even when going out on the weekend she should be around friends (letting her parents know where she is going and approximately what time she will be home) because if the ex turns up at the school then he is watching her and most likely following everywhere.

What do you do if your dating a girl and your friend keeps flirting with her?

Well, frankly I don't think your friend is good friend if he is trying to take your girl. Maybe you should find another friend who will respect you.

What should you do when your girlfriend's friend keeps hitting on her?

Calmly remind him of the fact she is already with someone, and ask him to stop.

What does it mean if a guy keeps on saying your name?

He likes the way it sounds and likely has interest in you or he could be just trying to bug you.