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The BT conference call provide provide conference calling services. The service allows one to one to have conferences and meetings of up to 20 people using phone and video.

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Q: What service does the BT conference call provide?
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How much does it cost to call an 0843 number on BT?

The cost to call an 0843 number on BT is not same for all. Calls from a BT landline cost 12p per minute plus the service charge. Similarly, Calls from a BT mobile cost 30p per minute plus the service charge.

What country does BT Home service?

BT Home provides services to the United Kingdom. BT is short for British Telecom. They provide phone, television and broadband packages for UK customers.

Which companies provide the means for affordable conference calls?

Affordable conference calls can be made using several different companies' software including ATConferencing, BT and AT&T. Alternatively affordable conference calls can be made using Skype.

Where can one obtain a BT telephone line?

You can obtain a BT telephone line by going to the BT website and making an application / purchase and arrange an installation date or by call BT customer service to help you see it through.

What company might one use to call India?

If someone wants to call India on the telephone then most telephone providers such as BT or AT&T will provide that service. It is also possible to call using Skype if either side has that facility and it can be a lot cheaper.

Which telecommunications service provider offers the better service BT or TalkTalk?


What parts of Ireland does BT service?

BT is an acronym that is short for British Telecom. The part of Ireland that does BT Service is Dublin. In Britain is BT is equivalent to our DSL.

What services are offered by BT Studio?

BT Studio is not a service provider. BT is a service provider, whereas BT Studio is a type of product that BT offer. The BT Studio 3500, for example, is a cordless telephone with an answering machine.

What type of service does BT Wholesale offer?

BT Wholesale was established in 2006. BT Wholesale provides telecommunications and internet service to the United Kingdom. It is a division of BT Group.

What is the purpose of BT Answer phone service?

The purpose of the BT answer phone service is to answer a phone automatically. One can find this information online in online resources about the BT phone.

What services does the company BT Wireless provide?

BT Wireless provides services to many wireless customers. The company detects any possible interferences with service, or any disruptions one may experience.

Is BT an isp?

Yes, BT (British Telecom) is an internet service provider.