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Impossible to answer without knowing the terrain, size of hog and your abilities. I would recommend a high-powered rifle before even attempting to get near a wild hog. Wild hogs are very dangerous. They can severely injure or even kill an adult human.

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Q: What rifle is best for hog hunting?
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What is the best long range hunting rifle?

it depends on what your hunting

Where is the best hog hunting in California?

Monterey, Sonoma, San Luis obispo, Mendocino counties

Can you kill a wild hog with a 8mm rifle?

What couldn't you kill with a rifle of any kind? Of course you can kill a hog with an 8mm.

Where can one buy hunting rifle scopes?

Hunting rifle scopes come in a wide variety and are easy to find online. Some websites like The Scope Smith and Optics Best Buy offer hunting rifle scopes.

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Depends on what you are hunting, where you are hunting, your skill level and your pocket book.

Is hog hunting all year long?

it depends on where your hunting at. i know in FL you can

Were can you go hog hunting in south fl?

in the swamp

Is a 3030 enough gun for hog hunting?


Where is a good locale for hog hunting?

While many states offer rural areas where hog hunting is permitted, the ones along the southern border tend to have the best climates for the animals. Any locations where there are large stretches of farm land will be good for hunting hogs, as they are prone to pillage crops, mate, and rut in the fields.

How do you train a hog dog?

A person can train a hog dog by taking them out hunting. This allows the dog to pick up the hog's scent and to hold the hog until the hunter arrives.