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you shoot of you finger. and its painful

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Q: What really happens if you put your finger at the end of a gun barrel and then shoot the gun?
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Why must you shoot with the index finger?

you dont shoot with your index finger

What happens at the end of the famous movie fight club?

it is when he shoot his self in his cheek when really tryin to shoot tyler

What can you shoot through a Remington 870 tb wingmaster shotgun can you shoot steel or slugs or just lead?

with the wingmaster barrel you can only shoot lead, but if you change the barrel to a slugster you can shoot slugs and buckshot, they also have a barrel for steel shot to.

Can you shoot a smooth bore slug through a rifled barrel?

Shooting rifled slugs is the ONLY way to shoot thru a smoothbore for deer. If you shoot sabot slugs thru a smoothbore, it will not spin and therefore not be accurate. For accuracy, the slug must spin out of the barrel. Either shoot a rifled slug thru a smooth barrel, or shoot a saboted slug thru a rifled barrel.

Do you need a special barrel to shoot slugs?

yes for a shotgun you need a rifle barrel DO NOT shoot slugs if you have a poly-choke!

Is a Crescent Firearms double barrel hammer 410 with underside of barrel stamped not for ball safe to shoot?

as long as there are no cracks in the barrel, yes. it simply means not to shoot slugs thru the barrel.

Will crosman 1008 shoot 177cal pellets?

It is designed to shoot .177 Caliber pellets, not BB's. It has a rifled barrel, BB's will ruin the barrel if they are forced to shoot through it.

How is barrel riffling done?

you get a gun and shoot people you get a gun and shoot people

Can you shoot a 32 in a 380 gun?

No. Shoot only the caliber printed on the barrel.

Can you shoot a 40 cal ammo out of a 9mm?

No. Only shoot the caliber printed on the barrel.

Functions of a barrel?

to hold the fish whilst you shoot them!!

What is origins in Greek mythology?

poo in a barrel and shoot it