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The organ that provides the nourishment is the placenta but the umbilical cord transports the nutrients to the fetus.

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Q: What provides nourishment for the baby in the Womb?
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What is the disc in a ladies womb called which provides the baby with food and oxygen?

The placenta.

Why do boys have to have a bellybutton?

For the same reason that girls do. When babies are in the mother's womb the umbilical cord is connected to the baby's belly button to give it nourishment.

Is a placenta and a womb the same thing?

No. The womb is your uterus. The placenta is what attaches the baby to the umbilical chord and provides the baby with nutrients. During labor the female will expel the placenta after the baby is delivered.

What provides food for baby salmon until they can feed themselves?

Yolk Sacks provide nourishment until they can get food for themselves.

Are eggs a producers or consumers?

They don't make their own food but the nourishment they need is contained within the egg, just like the nourishment a human baby needs is in the womb.

How does an embryo get its nourishment inside the mother womb?

Embryo gets its food via placenta .

When the baby is inside the womb will the amniotic fluid enters the baby's mouth?

A fetus does have amniotic fluid in the mouth, and the lungs. It enters through the nostrils. There is no air in the womb, the baby is surrounded only by amniotic fluid. The baby, once born, has to cough (or cry) out the amniotic fluid before it can breathe the air.

How to use the word nourishment in a sentence?

Without nourishment, the baby will not develop properly.

How does a fetus get nourishment up until the time it is born?

The fetus inside of a mother's womb receives nourishment via the umbilical cord from the food the mother ingests.

How does the embryo get nourishment after the first few days of implantation?

The yolk sac turns into the placenta which provides the nourishment

Is semon good for a baby in the womb?

semen does not cross into the placenta and has no effect on baby in womb.

Can you get pregnant after a hysterectomy and no period?

hysterectomy is removal of womb which is where baby grows. No womb = no baby