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A D&C, Dilation and Curettage, which is a procedure to scrape the uterus.

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Q: What procedure is done if you have miscarriage?
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Do you have to have the procedure done in order to get pregnant again after a miscarriage?


Does leep procedure cause miscarriage?

LEEP is not normally done on pregnant women.

Can the DNA test be done while she is pregnant?

On the father yes but the procedure to do it on the fetus is invasive and increases the risk for miscarriage so they wait until after birth.

What is the procedure called after having a miscarriage?

Dilation and curettage, D&C.

Dnc prices after a miscarriage?

The price of a DNC after a miscarriage will depend on if the woman has insurance or not. The price would be reduced if the procedure is covered by insurance,

What is the purpose of miscarriages?

A woman's body may undergo a miscarriage if it is carrying an unviable fetus. If the miscarriage was done purposely, it is known as an induced miscarriage or abortion.

What does the doctor have to do if you have a miscarriage?

If there are remains inside you will have to get a D&C, a procedure that scrapes the uterus clean.

Do you have to get cleaned out after a miscarriage?

Your doctor may wish to perform a D&C depending on how far along you are into your pregnancy. This is a procedure done under general anesthesia that dilates your cervix and cleans out the remains of the pregnancy from your uterus.

Would someone be able to lift a couch if they had a miscarriage the day before?

Odd question but yes they can, but they probably shouldn't do any heavy work if they just had a procedure done and is bleeding but all women are different.

Can ultrasound detect previous miscarriage after 4 years because your miscarriage done after 4 month's of pregnancy means this miscarriage done by delivery So now after 4 years can this detect?

Normally all miscarriages come out the vaginal way but there is no way to detect a miscarriage afterwards. Everything is gone.

How to perform a natural miscarriage?

A natural miscarriage is done by Mother Nature and you have no control over that. If you mean abortion you have to go to a clinic.

Can you tell who the father of the baby is before it is born?

Yes, there is a procedure called amniocentesis, this is where a long needle is inserted into the amnio sac surrounding the baby and a small amount of fluid is drawed out for testing. This procedure can be risky resulting in miscarriage or other complications and can only be done around four months.

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