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Q: What position do girls like?
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Girls What is the best position to pleasure a woman and what turns you on the most?

most women i know like it in doggy style

Do girls like position 69?

I'm a girl and I do not. but try it on your side- its better that way and less uncomfortable

What do the signs for each month look like?

Side chicks are position allocated to girls which is neither a wifey or a girlfriend.

Girls favorite position?


What position is the lawn mower?

A sexual position where the guy holds on to the girls legs and has sex as the girl is walking on the floor while chomping at the rug, very much like a lawn mower

What position do girls like the most?

girls like to be treated respectively. we like a guy who can take control but girls, as most of us feel that we are smarter than the average man like to feel in control in basic what food should we order kind of thing. i real trick for the guy is to balance thins. good luck!

When did the rover position start in girls basketball?


What is the most common position girls get pregnant by?


What kind of girls do you like?

I like girls that are honest. I like girls who are caring.

What kind of girls you like?

I like girls that are honest. I like girls who are caring.

Where do girls like going?

girls like going to restraunts. girls like going bowling. girls like going out with mates.

If I'm a girl and I like a girl sexually how do I tell her and what would she think if she doesn't like me that way?

Put yourself in her position, and imagine that you (ie she) doesn't like girls. How would you feel if a girl approached you?