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i wasn't there so I don't know

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Q: What point does Ralph make at the meeting?
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When the meeting breaks up what does Piggy suggest Ralph do to bring the meeting back to order?

He suggest that ralph blows the conch.

Why does Ralph called meeting?

Ralph calls several meetings or assemblies over the course of the novel, which meeting in particular are you refering too?

The meeting breaks up in a scatter of noise and excitement. What does Piggy suggest Ralph do to bring the meeting back to order?

He tells Ralph to blow the conch

What does jack do during the meeting in LOTF?

During the meeting in "Lord of the Flies," Jack argues that Ralph should not be the chief because he believes he would make a better leader. Jack also asserts that Ralph is not a good hunter, and he suggests that the boys should prioritize hunting and having fun over maintaining the signal fire. This meeting marks the beginning of the power struggle between Jack and Ralph.

What time of day did Ralph unwisely gather the group?

Ralph unwisely calls a meeting at night.

When did Meeting Point end?

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What is the duration of The Meeting Point?

The duration of The Meeting Point is 1.63 hours.

Does the circle have a meeting point?

Any Closed shape have a meeting point

How does Ralph have order in Lord of the Flies?

The boys Elected Ralph Chief after meeting at the platform at the begining of the book. This is when they realize it was Ralph who blew the shell and called them there.

Lord of the Flies Chapter 8 Why does Ralph take his group to the platform...What problem is Ralph having at this meeting?


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