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Many companies offer prepaid plans, but most charge for texting. Some companies that will not charge for texting in the prepaid plan may be cricket, Verizon , tracfone.

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Q: What phone company offers free text with their prepaid wireless plan?
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Where can I get a good deal on a prepaid phone?

H2O wireless offers great and flexible prepaid phone plans, ranging from one minute, day or month. You can get the refurbished Samsung Solstice at H20 wireless' website.

Does Verizon Wireless offer prepaid wireless services?

Verizon Wireless offers prepaid wireless services, but if you use your phone alot than it is best to go into a service plan. On the flip side if you use your phone less you might not want to use their prepaid because it expires at the end of each month.

What does TracFone Wireless sell?

Tracphone Wireless is a wireless phone service company. They sell prepaid cards for wireless phones, phone accessories and data plans to make using a cellular phone affordable.

Does Verizon offer a cheap wireless phone plan?

Verizon offers both prepaid and contracted wireless phone plans. They have rather inexpensive prepaid plans starting at only $20 a month which is comparable to both AT&T and Sprint.

Where can you find information about the products and services that Vodaphone UK offers?

Vodafone is a wireless prepaid phone company that is located in the United Kingdom. You could find out more about their plans and phones offered on their webpage.

Are prepaid wireless cell phone plans superior to contract plans?

Prepaid wireless plans can be better depending on what company and services are available and contract plans usually charge you when you want to give the service up.

Where can I buy a wireless prepaid card?

Wireless prepaid cards can be purchased at various retailers, including Walmart, Target, Circle K. This is all dependent on the type of prepaid wireless phone you are using.

Can anyone recommend Prepaid Wireless for prepaid airtime?

Prepaid wireless for prepaid airtime is a great option to cut down on the cost of a phone bill. They allow you to top up your account both by phone and on the internet and offer lots of different options.

What is the best prepaid cell phone plan and why?

Net 10. $.10 a minute. period. only company that offers that.

does sprint make a prepaid cell phone?

Yes, Sprint offers a prepaid cell phone plan, it's called Boost Mobile. You can find out more on yes sprint offers prepaid phone.

How can you check when you bought your phone?

You can check the date you bought your phone from your wireless carrier. Even if you don't have a plan, you had to call and set up the phone, a prepaid company can tell you how long you have had the phone for.

If you buy a prepaid juke phone from walmart can you put a card in it and use it with your Verizon wireless plan how?

With Verizon Wireless, a prepaid phone needs to be on a prepaid plan for at least 6 months before it can be moved to a postpaid plan.